Self Online Portal for Fssai Registration License and No need to Visit FSSAI Department You can apply for New or Renew also. FSSAI News Update: Food Businesses Can Now Be Fined Rs. 5 Lakh & 6 Months Jail for Not Having FSSAI Food License.

Benefits of FSSAI Certificate

The food product which obtain a FSSAI License / FSSAI Registration creates the awreness within the consumers thoughts with respect to such product and its safty and requirements.

FSSAI License / FSSAI Registration will beautify the chance of prison enforcement and manage over the authority and could inspire the status quo of several matters to a particular vicinity.

Use of FSSAI logo on your product will commonly create goodwill and trustworthiness amongst the consumers. The brand gives guarantee in appreciate of preferred and safety to the clients. In truth, the selective customers need to devour meals products particularly who are having the FSSAI License / FSSAI Registration. It allows you in growing a brand name.
The license will help you to establish your recognition and additionally qualification to develop your commercial enterprise in a new route effortlessly. Moreover, the license also can make it easier with a view to get financial institution loans and for funding which is required for enlargement.
Government of India acknowledges the FSSAI License / FSSAI Registration commercial enterprise resulting in to customer agree with and large base of customers.
FSSAI License / FSSAI Registration speaks approximately the safety of the clients regarding to food commercial enterprise.
If a business is FSSAI registered, it's going to create purchaser base and accelerate the commercial enterprise at a larger scale.
The FSSAI License / FSSAI Registration will offer the privileges of Government Funding and Loans that can be without difficulty handy for the business operators.